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Do you see yourself as a keen problem solver with leadership skills combined with analytic thinking? You are most likely wanted by top organisations to manage their business’ finances.

BMT College offers an Introduction to Financial Management programme to reveal the essentials in the money world.

What is financial management

The difference between a successful and a struggling business is their ability to manage their finances. Financial management is a crucial element of any business. You do not need to be a financial manager to understand financial aspects and terms. Basic financial management skills are essential for any individual; be it for personal use or for use in a team, department or division.

About the programme

The short course in Financial Management for non-Financial Managers simplify the basics of financial management for. It is suitable for easy and practical applications within a business unit, team, division or even your personal life. Planning finances, drawing up budgets, reading and understanding financial statements are included in this critical life and business skill.

This programme introduces and simplifies the basics of financial management for non-financial managers by using easy to understand concepts. It will teach you to plan your finances, draw up basic budgets, read and understand financial statements upon completion of the programme.

Register now and avoid not understanding what is happening with personal, business or international financial matters

Topics in this programme

  • Stock and fixed assets
  • Budgets
  • Compensation
  • Personal financial aspects
  • Business financial aspects
  • International financial aspects

Pricing and payment plans

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R1485 x 4

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R1605 x 4

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