Celebrate in style with BMT College

You have done all the study work, completed all your assignments and now you are ready for your new career. But before that, you can celebrate in style with BMT College after successfully completing your course. It is the highlight of the College calendar and a time where students can celebrate their achievements with family and friends. This is when all of your fellow learners will gather to commemorate your accomplishments with you as a successful qualified group.

The Official Graduation Ceremony is held annually as a prestigious event. All students who have successfully completed a full qualification or short course are invited to attend the ceremony. The achievement will be officially conferred by BMT College officials. So get ready for pictures, laughter and festivities on the day to be forever remembered.

Every student who has successfully completed a BMT College programme has earned the privilege to wear the black graduation gown at the official graduation ceremony. The graduation hood represents the specific qualification that was completed and may only be worn after conferment of the qualification. Students who have successfully qualified Human Resources Management Studies wear blue, Business Management/Administration Studies wear Red and Short Courses (SCB) wear white hoods. Students who completed a full qualification have the honour to wear a graduation cap with white, black and gold tassels to differentiate between the types of qualifications.

View previous graduation pictures in our gallery and make sure to register to be part of our prestigious group of successful students.


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