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Do you have an interest in becoming the voice behind the employees of an organisation, a passion for team dynamics and a flair for talent management? Human Resources may be the career path for you. In short, Human Resources or HR refers to the role of managing employees within an organisation. This Human Resources Management Course will open the door for you in these organisations.

Traits that categorise a HR manager includes soft skills like leadership capabilities, a strong ethical standing and ability to systematically solve problems.

 Human Resources is about unlocking an organisation’s true potential by looking after its greatest resource – human capital.

About the Human Resource Management Industry

Within South Africa, there is currently a critical shortage of competent and qualified Human Resources Managers. This shortage has become more evident since SAQA’s recognition of the official professional designations for human resources practitioners. BMT College has the perfect Human Resources Management Course for you. Studying to become an HR professional through our programme would mean that you meet the qualification requirements to register as an HR Professional (HRP) with the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP). Once qualified, you would play an indispensable role in redefining South Africa’s workplace of the future.

This programme covers six disciplines of Human Resource Management:

  • Strategic planning for human resources management and practices.
  • Acquisition, development and utilisation of people.
  • Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations.
  • Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices.
  • Managing productivity
  • Conducting business administration duties

The programme will give you an exceptional working foundation in: Strategic HR Planning, Standard HR Practices, Labour Relations, Managing Productivity and conducting HR Administration.

Further Study Options*:

  • Advanced Diploma: Management: Human Resources Management, NQF Level 7.
  • Advanced Diploma: Public Administration, NQF Level 7.
*Available for further study at various universities and colleges

Year 1

12 - 18 Months


Management Principals

Module 1: Introduction to Management
Module 2: Planning and Organising
Module 3: Leadership


Business Administration

Module 4: Introduction to Business Administration
Module 5: Risk Management
Module 6: Financial Management



Module 7: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Module 8: Marketing for Intrepreneurs


8 Formative Assignments after each module

3 Summative Assignments after each subject

1 FISA (Final Integrated Summative Assignment) after all completed subject

Year 2

12 - 18 Months


Human Resources Management II

Module 1: Strategic Planning
Module 2: Conceptual and Contextual Perspectives
Module 3: Managing Labour Productivity


Organisational Behaviour II

Module 4: Sourcing Work Talent
Module 5: Establishing Employment Relations
Module 6: People Empowerment


Labour and Industrial Relations II

Module 7: Macro Perspectives
Module 8: Labour Legislation


8 Formative Assignments after each module

Summative Assignments after each subject

1 FISA (Final Integrated Summative Assignment) after all completed subjects

Year 3

12 - 18 Months


HR Planning and Administration III

Module 1: The Reward Challenge
Module 2: Employee Well-being
Module 3: HRM Related Information


Organisational Behaviour III

Module 4: Organisational Development
Module 5: Training and Development A
Module 6: Training and Development B


Labour and Industrial Relations III

Module 7: Micro Perspectives
Module 8: Managing Labour Relations


8 Formative Assignments after each module

Summative Assignments after each subject

Work Integrated Learning Project (WIL) and panel interview

1 FISA (Final Integrated Summative Assignment) after all completed subjects

Pricing and Payment Plans

Below pricing refers to BMT College’s yearly schedule with it’s respective subjects and modules as displayed above.

Payment Plan 1

R2160 x 9

Debit Order Only

Payment Plan 2

R2550 x 9

Deposit / EFT

Full Payment

R19 440

Once Off