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Unit Standards

15238, 114876,
12996, 10037




South African Board for People Practices

Other than being an analytical and forward thinker, a potential logistics manager needs to extend their knowledge to be successful in the industry of moving things. BMT College has the tools to build the moving machine in you.

A logistics manager’s tasks vary between companies and invite those who are looking for a challenge.

Who is this course designed for

The ideal candidate for the programme is anyone who is interested in the practices of logistics management. Or for those who want to expand their knowledge profile, adding this skillset to their CV will benefit them in their career lives. It is also recommended for the small to medium business manager who wants to create a more efficient logistics department

About the programme

Effective Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an essential part of any successful business The effective Logistics and Supply Chain Manager is invaluable in any organisation.

The programme will practically show you how to manage customer relations (CRM) through channels of distribution, different elements of logistics and efficient materials management. The programme ends with an overview of purchasing and the purchasing process.

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R1485 x 4

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Payment Plan 2

R1605 x 4

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