BMT College


Letter From The Principal

Dear BMT Student,

Principal letter | Bernadine Van Der Linde | BMT Principal

Welcome to BMT College. You can pride yourself when you have been accepted to study with South Africa’s most prestigious business college. The opportunity to better yourself is within your reach.

At BMT College we are transforming distance education and e-learning to enhance the way we train, develop and interact with our students. We understand that e-learning can be intimidating. However, the Virtual Campus was created for people who fear technology but are excited to develop new skills beyond that of their competition.

We will follow your progress closely and make sure you stay on track. Our lecturers and administrative staff are here to support you with innovative strategies to ensure you complete your studies. I can assure you that with our support and guidance your journey will be a memorable one.

I trust that you will make the College maxim, prosperity through knowledge, your motto in life.

I wish you the best with your studies and look forward to capping you at your graduation ceremony.

Bernadine Van Der Linde (Chartered HR Professional)
Principal: BMT College

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