Letter From The Principal

Dear BMT Student,

Welcome to BMT College, where excellence and lifelong learning are part of our culture. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and truly believe that education can change the way we view the world.

My academic team and I are committed to ensure that we stay in touch with current best practices in education and provide you with relevant study information that is transferable to the workplace in order to secure your place for the next generation careers. My philosophy in life is that everything we do at BMT College should be done with passion and integrity.

Furthermore, at BMT College we understand the importance of technology and the impact that automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning may have on your career. Therefore, through our e-learning platform, we empower you to gain new information technology skills to further enhance your employability for now and the future world of work.

We also understand that e-learning can be intimidating. Therefore, we have made our Virtual Campus (VC) as user-friendly and streamlined as possible, so that you can enjoy the benefits of learning online without the need to have expert computer or technical knowledge. Please log on today and experience this exciting world of learning!

My team and I will follow your progress closely and make sure you stay on track.  We are here to support you with our innovative learning strategies to ensure that you not only complete your studies but also achieve graduateness to master future studies. I can assure you that with our support and guidance your study journey will be a memorable one.

I wish you the best with your studies and look forward to capping you at your graduation ceremony.

Kind Regards

Bernadine Van Der Linde (Chartered HR Professional)


                                                                                                        Principal: BMT College

Dear BMT College Student/Client/Partner,

It is an honour to officially welcome you to BMT College and congratulate you on your commitment to achieve personal change. Change in your life that will have an impact on your work and career prospects. Change in your life that will have an impact on your family and friends. But most importantly, a change in yourself, in what you know, how you perceive the world, how you respond to that world, and ultimately a change in who you will become. Being a student of BMT College will help you achieve extraordinary change.

Over the years we have taken great pride in our commitment to providing service excellence. Our academic and administrative teams are dedicated to ensuring that you have ready access to our assistance, support and guidance to make a success of your studies. Our policies, procedures and platforms have been streamlined to maximise your study experience and ensure your success when you make use of it. Being a student of BMT College, means that you are also a client of BMT College who can always be assured of our professional and prompt service.

The strength and value of the partnership between you and us are, as with any partnership, dependent on the commitment from both parties. Being accepted as a student and client of BMT College is an automatic assurance that we have already committed to partner with you on your academic journey. We take this commitment seriously by ensuring that the standards of BMT College and the qualifications we offer are beyond mere legislative requirements, thereby ensuring that the quality of services, and most importantly your studies, will always be of the highest quality and value.

As a fellow distance education graduate and lifelong student, I always get excited when a person makes that very important life decision to study further. To learn more. To keep on expanding their knowledge and horizons. Creating new opportunities, creating prosperity through knowledge.

Congratulations on becoming a student of BMT College, I am looking forward to seeing you progress in your studies and making a success of your career.

Best of luck,

Vice-Principal: BMT College